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Aeronautics and Aerospace Workshops


Workshop I for school students (I) Workshop( II) for Engineering Students

Workshop Duration : 3 hours August 20 2019


Our Aeronautics and Aerospace Workshops are created for children aged 7 years to 16 years. This unique workshop has a flair to unleash nn the minds of student a curiosity to Aerospace & Aeronautics. We strongly believe this workshop will be an 'Eye Opener' for the inquisitive young minds. The workshop is all about learning with fun and experiments.
The focus of our workshop is to give a holistic view of Aviation / Aeronautics & Aerospace using Practical Demonstrations & Experiments.

Topics Covered :

1. History of Aviation
2. Introduction to Aerodynamics
3. Laws and Principles of Flight
4. Propulsion Mechanics

We have working models of Jet Engine, Internal Combustion (IC) Engine in addition to 3 feet model of Aeroplane to explain different features of an aircraft, how the wings and tail of an aircraft help in manoeuvring it in air.

We also have Rocket Launching Station to showcase how a satellite is sent into Space. We have other models which include a Helicopters, Wing panel apart from a Wind Tunnel to demonstrate how a heavy object like a plane flies.
Our approach is to explain the concepts via practical demonstrations and experiments with participation from all attendees.
The highlight of our workshop is a Virtual Reality Tour of International Space Station.

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